Fibinger Ádám
9 days ago c4d8396bde66ac81731b267747c524c0d9fe98c6
9 days ago Fibinger Ádám
Force example data to UTF-8
tree@ c4d839 commitdiff
9 days ago Fibinger Ádám
Decoupling final version
tree@ 12abae commitdiff
10 days ago Fibinger Ádám
Just keeping calm and keep refactoring
tree@ 94fead commitdiff
2019-03-03 Fibinger Ádám
Basic refactor and decoupling REST Controller from JPA
tree@ 464000 commitdiff
2019-02-27 Fibinger Ádám
JPA + Hibernate working version (H2 console enabled)
tree@ 37e2b6 commitdiff
2019-02-26 Fibinger Ádám
H2 basics with JPA
tree@ a3ad94 commitdiff
2019-02-20 Fibinger Ádám
Fullly working mock version (Full CRUD can be tested)
tree@ ca2732 commitdiff
2019-02-19 Fibinger Ádám
Initial version, basic mock only
tree@ 9b7a17 commitdiff
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